Winter Park Beer Company is on our Orlando Craft Beer Tour!

The best part of doing what I do is finding these wonderful places! Nestled away in a corner of Winter Park is a fun interactive Craft Beer experience! Lots of cool little rooms off the main bar to relax. Art hangs on the wall and it is all for sale! I dare you not to admire Faye Dunaway in her Bonnie and Clyde role staring back at you or some other fun canvases ready for you to take them home. There is pool of course and Karaoke. Also an award winning Trivia Night (from Orlando Weekly no less) and a great feeling in the place. David Brunson is making a mark with not only his unique brews but also some amazing wine and brew blends! Mead makes an appearance as well! This is the perfect place and the perfect match for Florida Fun Shuttle! A real cornerstone of our Craft Beer Tour! Groups up to 16, no DUI but total Fun! Private tours available!

Winter Park Beer

David and I. This man knows his stuff!

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