The Limo Cycle in Beautiful Sanford. A perfect fit for the Fun Shuttle!

I can not say enough amazing things about the Limo Cycle in Sanford (but I am here to try)! They are a great chance to have some unique fun at a leisurely and untaxing few miles per hour. Did I mention you can drink? and Sing (oh No) and play awesome trivia games? Even kids parties and Pub Crawls! (though not at the same time.) They also do charity and we both partnered together to raise money for classroom technology. (enjoy the picture below!) I have been proud to work with them on many occasions but never had a chance to partake of a a drink. (always the bridesmaid and never the….) What matters to me is like the Florida Fun Shuttle experience the groups have always returned happy and I am proud to work with them and highly recommend them! Another mark of greatness is the fact that they will work with you on what you want to drink (even BYOB). They tailor your event like a fine suit! We are the same way, Cheers! Limo Cycle

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