Wekiva Island – Better Than Ever – The River, the Sun and the Wedding Party!

PhotoGrid_1441546777252As you know my many travels bring me to some of the top spots in all of Central Florida. As a Tour Operator who also officiates offbeat weddings I see it all! Yesterday I made it back to Wekiva Island with a wedding party for a day they will never forget! It is a wonderful mix of nature and much more! There was some news a while back about a gator encounter and because of that some people have not made it out there lately. I am here to tell you that is a big mistake. It is really an amazing and unique place to enjoy some time and recharge your batteries or celebrate a major event! I challenge you to stand out by the river and forget about the King Cobra escape across town, the media and the elections. The Canoeing and water sports perfectly compliment the down home activities like Corn Hole and lazing in the sun. It is also a plus that you can enjoy some beer or wine legally and responsibly while watching the water go by! Get back out there and enjoy yourselves at the Tooting Otter and if you end up needing safe affordable award winning group transportation I am always available to get you door to door. Please like and share this with everyone you know that needs or deserves a special day! Steve Flfunshuttle.com

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