Cedar Key VIP

CK1 island

Cedar Key HomeThis stand alone slice of pure Florida is one of my favorite getaways to take people for a tour! It has a rich history interrupted by hurricanes. An industry or two lost to a relatively quiet new existence. There are some oddball things here, things that are off-putting to some as they have preconceived notions of what a “key” is or what scale a Gulf Beach must be… This is a place true to itself as evidenced by taking a walking tour and exploring something beyond words. This is a real town, a real place with the solid blue collar industry of clamming, the barnacle and rust clad boats are not set pieces. Tourism is allowed but it not overwhelming except during events and festivals. The city beach is small and so is never considered my focus. A dollar goes far here when it comes to accommodation. As well the waters are something to be seen, by kayak, fishing or tour boat. Exploration of the original Key is a must. Weathered remains of a pencil factory and a historic 19th century graveyard. So much to do! I love helping people plan overnight trips from Central Florida and helping them see the real Florida!


Cedar Key Home

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